what was understood: when CH inadvertenly dials
BTs voicemail from a pocketed cell phone, Liquor
Lyles, April 2002


CH: Thank God he moved on pretty recent, I think
hes cool, hes very cool.

BT: When are they gonna have me on the air? Thats the

CH: (chuckles)

BT: That was a blast. That was the most fun Ive had. Im
guessing she was twenty-three, I didnt ask. I would say
twenty-three at the most. CUTE! Really cool

CH: (chuckles)

BT: AHHH! I need a girl like that. A girl to tell me what to
say TO HER.

JJ: and now shes having wild monkey sex

BT: Exiled this week

(table falls completely silent)

Waitress:  thank you, guys. Have a good night you

BT: Thanks a lot!

CH: Thank you.

(table falls completely silent)

JJ: I was gonna say something but I was waiting for you!

CH: (chuckles) You could hang out with her allllll the
time. (chuckles) Thats your intent? To be able to hang
out with her?

JJ: Nooo! Im thinking of Bill and Jim!

CH: Like you could say to Bill or Jim: God, you have
a nice girl.