what’s with the ooh-la-la



oh and then there are some nights where every
possible act is held by too many decisions end up
staring out the window, lights, computer, TV,
music all off. Think of the things that might have
been. Think of the things never done. Grab money
clip, see clutch singles, head down to Broadway.
Walk in, get carded, head for stage, there she is
high heels, white bikini, white robe, blonde hair.
Leiny then dig in for the show … And the Cradle
Will Rock Everybody Wants Some first two songs
pulled from that great lost Stooges album. This is
true love. She pulls up her waistband, has Lioness

tattooed below, then five little paw tattoos leading
up to her belly button. This is true love. Hair
curled over left eye, does not speak, does not
smile, only says thank you
at the end of the
dance. This is true love. Third song is lost. Beer.
Smile. Beer. Breathe. Second set starts Brother
Louie Pick Up the Pieces Cisco Kid pops bikini
strap during a huh!
in the War song. That moment
the evening complete.


Later she sat in an empty corner of the bar,
smoked while Saturday Night Special blasted. She
looked bored.