these things happen in the best of families



from over my shoulder I heard Turk say Wyman
whatya doing for lunch. Nothing much I brought a
sandwich. Okay weÕre going to the Skyway for a
beer and then weÕll go to Taco Bell. Both of our
bosses were gone for the day, it was a Friday.


We went to the Skyway for a beer. We sat on
stools near the far wall. Turk had a Pabst bottle, I
had a Bud. Turk said want another one. I said
sure. I fell for the petite dancer with the black hair.
I honestly wondered if she would go to the movies
with me if I asked. The tall blonde reminded us of
someone on LA Law
. Mostly we talked, our eyes
always glancing to the stage. I was down because
of girls on the outside. Turk cheered me up, want
another he said. We talked about work, he said
hang in there McCay is high on you. I was going to
the ŌMats the next night, said they were my
Stones. The Stones are my Stones, he said. He got
us one more, didnÕt bother asking. That was the
Skyway Lounge.


We went to Taco Bell, inhaled tacos, then giggled
on the walk back to the office. In a funny incident,
I had trouble maintaining my balance near the
copier. At three, Kenny went downstairs to
HaskellÕs and brought back a case of Bud.