Once Again I Break The Mold

by Bill Tuomala



I recently read an article about a book, The Universal Dream Key, by Patricia Garfield. The book compiles twelve dream themes that supposedly transcend cultures. Some of these themes include: being chased or attacked; poor test or other poor performance; falling or drowning; being naked in public; and being lost or trapped.


Thing is, once a year or so I may dream of being chased or of falling; but otherwise I don't experience any of the universal dreams. Instead, my dreams are like this:





Typical Tuomala Dreams




I wake up, shower, shave, get dressed and prepare to start my day. Then I really do wake up and have to do those things all over again.

I'm not a morning person.



Convinced that someone is going to hit me, I decide to pop them one before they can make a move. I take a swing and wake up punching the air.

I'm a cheap shot artist.



I am watching the Sioux hockey team play the Gophers or I am watching the Sioux play in the NCAA title game.

I need a hobby.



I am at my last real job, buried in paperwork and haven't yet come to the realization that I can just quit.

That place fucking bit the big one.



I say something funny then wake up chuckling but can't remember what I had said.

The pressure of coming up with material for my zine and for self-deflecting quips in day-to-day life is getting to me.



I am in an unknown bar that is familiar in the dream, drinking with unknown people who are familiar in the dream.

A look into the future?




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