Making My Choice

by Bill Tuomala


I delayed it as long as possible - all through junior high even. I didn't seem to be too popular with members of either sex, so I didn't feel hurried. This decision was big. Bigger even than whether I would end up at the University of North Dakota or North Dakota State University.


When my older brother had made his decision; he sat down with a pad and pen, made columns "pro" and "con" and did a thorough analysis on the subject. My decision was based more on gut feeling. Like a gut feeling on how girls might be nicer than guys. Anyone who has spent time in a junior-high gym class knows how nasty guys can be. I didn't yet talk to girls, but I assumed them to be friendly once the ice was broken. And there were other incidents that led me to lean to girls:


Summer 1978 - My older brother puts up Cheryl Tiegs "pink bikini" poster in his bedroom.


Fall 1979 - I walk a school hallway behind a girl wearing tight Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.


Early 1980 - Valerie Bertinelli appears on the cover of US magazine in a white bikini.


Summer 1980 - Pat Benatar wears damn-near-painted-on leather pants and black-and-white horizontally-striped top in the "You Better Run" video.


These things helped show me how beautifully girls were shaped. By the time I started high school in the fall of 1980, I had made my choice for girls and heterosexuality. As I began tenth grade, the guys were looking as dorky as usual. On the other hand, the girls sported tight Levis, flattering horizontally-striped tops that showed a teasing portion of their backs, and amazing feathered hair.


I heaved a sigh of relief with the choice that I had made.







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