donÕt worry about tomorrow É



dim lights thick smoke and loud loud music
one might make you lazy two might make
you crawl three might make you crazy and
four ends it all see ya see ya later maybe
one more beer IÕm gonna crawl home from
here I saw you on the barstool when you
held that glass so tight when the lights go on
and the beer is gone itÕs still got a hold
on me everythingÕs gone all wrong I need
another beer someone buys another round
and whatever drinks are free sittin here in
this bar tonight but all IÕm thinkin is IÕm
the same old story same old act IÕve got
swingin doors a jukebox and a barstool my
lifeÕs a mess I wait for you to pass I stand
here at the bar I hold an empty glass