along with lovers, fuggers, and thieves (aw,
but they═re cool people)



a bartender at the Uptown, his name was John. I
didn═t pick that up from him direct, I just heard
other people call him that. During a certain period
of my youth, I was there every week or so. It
seemed he always remembered me. He═d nod at
me in his LA Kings hat, then get me a drink
pronto. Quick, friendly service. He didn═t talk
much, neither did I, it was a beautiful casual
business relationship. One time OC and I walked in
just after last call and the lights were on and I
ordered two Leinys. He glanced at me, glanced at
the clock, then nodded and served ´em up. Clutch.


I met Bob and OC there, they were parked at a
corner of the bar. I plopped down next to them.
John came over and said ˝whadya haveţ and I said
a rum and coke please. John nodded, turned to
mix it. Then OC piped in with ˝and I═ll have
another Leiny.ţ What followed was a sudden,
violent explosion. John whirled, yelled at him: ˝I


Bob and I burst out laughing, we couldn═t stop.
John just smirked, then went to get our drinks.
Like I said: Clutch.